Our science & Innovation Programme offers a choice of academic lectures, seminars and workshops over a period of one week. A range of topics will be included, such as new technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Cloud Computing and 3D Printing.

This course will examine how science, technology and innovation drive progress in different fields. We recommend you consider this course if you are a student of science or technology.

The course will cover both the theory and practical applications of technology and innovation models, and is designed with reference to emerging global trends and social issues.

Previous Guest Speakers

Assessment Methods

Assessment will be based on a final group Power Point presentation revisiting a range of topics covered during the course. Programme tutors will supervise the final presentation, and grade all students accordingly.


Application Deadline

Online registration closes on Wednesday 20th May 2020, but please note that our spaces are typically booked very quickly, so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.


Terms and conditions


DATE: TERM ONE 01st-14th August 2020

            TERM TWO 15th-18th August 2020


62 Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6JF, UK

Professor of Niki Trigoni

   Professor Computing Science, Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford

Professor Eric T. Meyer

   Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Professor David Wallom

   E-research Center, Oxford

Dr Taha Yasseri

   Senior Research Fellow,Oxford Institute,University of Oxford

Professor Vlan Mykhnenko

   Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development, Oxford

Professor Andrew Goudie

   Emeritus Professor in Geography, Oxford

Professor Jeroen Bergmann BSc MSc PhD

   Engineering Science, Senior Research Fellow in Engineering & Entrepreneurship, Oxford

Big Data 


Technology Transfer 

3D Printing 


Artificial Intelligence 

Smart City