Thanks for your lecture (The Impact on the Earth by Human Beings and the Visualisation of Global Sustainable Development). I learnt a lot from this method of dealing with data. I think the visualisation of data is of great value to my future studies.

—MENGQI ZHANG, from Peking University


Thanks for your lecture (AI & Smart City)! I learnt a lot about the smart cities of the future. Since I am a student in the department of automotive engineering, I paid great attention to the part that was associated with smart vehicles and transportation, which has definitely broadened my perspective.

— XIAO ZIFENG, from Zhejiang Unviersity


Thanks for your lecture(Big Data and Social Media), I really learnt a lot from it. It really surprised me that big data science can find its place in social science!

— LI QIUMENG, from Tsinghua Unviersity

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