Several months before the programme, the application process for our Orientation Team Leaders (OTLs) will begin.

Our Orientation Team leaders will come from a selection of different Oxford University colleges, and will study a range of different subjects.


OTL positions represent a valuable opportunity in your college career to cultivate and improve your leadership, public speaking, mentoring and team coaching skills, in addition to event planning.

OTLs are expected to serve as positive role models to our programme applicants. These students will push the college’s academic mission with maturity and responsibility, familiarising guest students with campus resources whilst enthusiastically tackling any questions or issues that should arise. Successful candidates will serve as mentors during our summer school programme, working closely with the programme administrator to ensure smooth day to day operations. The head of our orientation team will assist students during seminars and group discussions, provide them with necessary resources, and organise informative, relaxing activities during breaks.

Testimonies from Past Orientation Team Leaders


Through the process of giving tips and suggestions to new students, I not only improved my interpersonal and leadership skills, but was also satisfied with the personal growth of these younger students.

—Mani Leeth, School of Archeology, University of Oxford


This experience has taught me how to build and manage an efficient, dynamic working group - a skill that will no doubt come in handy in daily life!. I have also made some great new friends in the excellent colleagues I’ve worked with along the way.

—Mark Paul, School of Education, University of Oxford


The vitality of the team ensured that my experience was extraordinary. My team members were consistently supportive and inspiring to work with, whilst meeting new students who shared my interests made collaborating on this programme a constant pleasure.

—Ann Lee, Department of Engineering, University of Oxford

Please don’t hesitate to email for more information if you are interested in becoming an OTL for Winter 2020.