Online Summer Course Tuition Fee Description

Note: Each applicant from the partner universities with the application submitted before 30th May 2020 is offered a favourable discount of £50 off the tuition fee.

Tuition Fee: £1, 250 Pounds

The tuition (2 weeks/40 hours) includes two courses- Part A course of 20-hr themed lectures and PAT B 20-hr specific subject course.


● On-campus Summer Courses Programme Fee Description
1) Tuition Fee: £1,650 Pounds

One summer session (2 weeks) including one full educational course, handouts, organised leisure activities.
Our tuition programme includes seminars, daily lectures, specific-subjects courses, and discussion groups.
2) Bed and Breakfast at an Oxford University College
A Standard Single Room (sharing a toilet and bathroom between every 3-4 rooms): £1,000 Pounds
An Ensuite Single Room (with a personal toilet and bathroom): £1,030 Pounds
During term time, all accommodation will be arranged in local hotels and local homestay families (limited in number), because the college all accommodation has been used by Oxford University students.
Please note: Oxford college dorm rooms are in high demand every summer. Our Oxford College bedroom allocation will be based on a first come, first served basis, so please submit your application forms in a timely fashion to avoid disappointment.
3) Lunch and Dinner:£360 Pounds
4) Other: £240 Pounds, including
  ● Two day study visits;
  ● visa application service fee - translation, arranging an online appointment, as well as all other preparatory services until you receive your visa;
  ● Group transport to and from the airport in England by private coach;
  ● Entrance fees for all group Oxford site visits;
  ● A selection of digital photos taken by local professional photographer;
  ● Insurance fees;
  ● Welcome Tea and Gala Dinner.
Payment Details
We will issue our programme fees to all successful applicants who officially decide to register with us.
We will email an invoice to all students, along with full payment instructions attached. We are happy to accept both debit and credit card payments.
Once we have issued our invoice, you will have 15 days to complete payment. Any late applicants will need to provide payment within 7 days of receiving our invoice.
Special Note:
Following full payment of fees, students will be able to confirm their place on programme. We will not reserve places for students who have not paid the full cost before the deadline. When you have completed all your payments, your place at the programme will be formally confirmed by email once OISAP has received your payment.
All enrolled students are covered by the terms and conditions of the OISAP short-term course; The contract between OISAP and enrolled students takes effect once the student accepts our admission letter;
You have the right to cancel this contract at any time within the 15 days following this acceptance date;
Please note that if you want to cancel your stay after this 15-day period, OISAP cannot offer you a refund;
Should you need to cancel your application, it is vital to email immediately.

Course Content
OISAP reserves the right to change the details of any course to prevent accidental illness and any other emergencies. Additionally, in the event of very low enrolment rates, we will be forced to cancel any/all of our planned courses.
The specific content of our courses will be reviewed and decided two weeks before the programme start. If any subsequent changes occur, we will notify all relevant applicants within seven days with comprehensive details.
For any students who have not received an OISAP notice 4 weeks before the programme starts, we can ensure that your courses and seminars will be held as scheduled.