Provided below is the schedule for a typical weekday at one of our short-term academic programmes:



- Breakfast (8:00AM – 9:00AM)

- Lecture (9:00AM – 12:30PM)



- Lunch (12:30PM – 13:30PM)

- Seminars/Workshop/Sharing Sessions (13:30PM – 15:30PM)



- Optional Activity (Sports/Movie/Visit to a Museum) (15:30PM – 18:00PM)

- Dinner (18:00PM – 20:00PM)


* As part of the programme, daily activities and evening events are organised by our Orientation Team Leaders. During the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to visit many of Oxford's most famous colleges and explore the fascinating museums, galleries and gardens the city has to offer.


There will also be a major excursion study trip planned for the weekend to attractions such as the MINI Cooper Plant, the British Museum or The Houses of Parliaments in London.


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